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The following factors are thought to increase the risk of developing metabolic syndrome: Being overweight (body mass index of 25 kg/m 2 or more) (calculator 1 and calculator 2) Menopause (in women) Increasing age Smoking Eating a high-carbohydrate diet Lack of physical activity Family history of diabetes or metabolic syndrome INTRODUCTION. Obesity, particularly abdominal obesity, is associated with resistance to the effects of insulin on peripheral glucose and fatty acid utilization, often leading to type 2 diabetes mellitus. Insulin resistance, the associated hyperinsulinemia and hyperglycemia, and adipocyte cytokines (adipokines) may also lead to vascular endothelial. It occurs when the ovaries are hyperstimulated and enlarged due to fertility treatments (or rarely, mutations in the follicle-stimulating hormone [FSH] receptor), resulting in the shift of serum from the intravascular space to the third space, mainly to the abdominal cavity Meigs syndrome is defined as the triad of benign ovarian tumor with ascites and pleural effusion that resolves after resection of the tumor. Ovarian fibromas constitute the majority of the benign.. Meigs Syndrome. In 1937, Joe Vincent Meigs and John W Cass reported a series of 7 cases of ovarian fibroma associated with ascites and hydrothorax. It was later termed Meigs syndrome by Rhodes and Terrell. Even though the association of benign ovarian tumors and pleural effusion was reported before, it was Meigs an

In medicine, Meigs's syndrome, also Meigs syndrome or Demons-Meigs syndrome, is the triad of ascites, pleural effusion, and benign ovarian tumor. Meigs syndrome resolves after the resection of the tumor. Because the transdiaphragmatic lymphatic channels are larger in diameter on the right, the pleural effusion is classically on the right side. The causes of the ascites and pleural effusion are poorly understood. Atypical Meigs syndrome, characterized by a benign pelvic mass with right. Meigs syndrome is defined as the triad of benign ovarian tumor with ascites (abnormal buildup of fluid in the abdomen) and pleural effusion (abnormal buildup of fluid in the pleural space between the lungs and chest cavity) that resolves after resection of the tumor 1). Histologically, the benign ovarian tumor may be a fibroma, thecoma, cystadenoma, or granulosa cell tumor Meigs' syndrome is a benign solid ovarian tumor with the gross appearance of a fibroma with ascites and hydrothorax. Removal of the tumor promptly cures the ascites and hydrothorax. The histology would be a fibroma, thecoma, or granulosa cell tumor. [ 24] When other benign ovarian teratomas or cysts are present rather than a fibrous tumor it.

There is a total confusion between Demons or Meigs syndromes and pseudosyndromes.The need for greater precision in publications titles has become an emergency. We have analysed 297 observations gathered in litterature from 1904 to 2004. The increase in the number of Meigs pseudosyndromes based on di Meigs' syndrome is a rare clinical entity characterised with ovarian benign tumour, ascites and hydrothorax. Between January '94-September '98 we observed three patients with: ovarian neoformation, light (1 patient), moderate (2 patients) monolateral pleural effusion, moderate (2 patients) and considerable (1 patient) ascites Meigs' syndrome is a medical condition with a triad of symptoms including benign ovarian tumor, ascites and pleural effusion. The condition is named after Joe Vincent Meigs, an American..

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Meigs' syndrome is a rare disorder. In 1937, Meigs described a syndrome of ovarian fibromas with ascites and hydrothorax that quickly resolved on removal of the fibroma. Meigs separated his definition into true Meigs' syndrome, which he preferred to call Demons-Meigs' syndrome and pseudo-Meigs' syndrome distinguished by different tumor. Meige's syndrome is a type of dystonia. It is also known as Brueghel's syndrome and oral facial dystonia. It is actually a combination of two forms of dystonia, blepharospasm and oromandibular dystonia. When OMD is combined with blepharospasm, it may be referred to as Meige's Syndrome named after Henri Meige, the French neurologist who first described the symptoms in detail in 1910. The symptoms usually begin between the ages of 30 and 70 years old and appear to be more common in women. Meigs' syndrome is regarded as a well-defined entity, yet certain aspects of this syndrome remain unresolved. Although the prevalence of the syndrome is low, it has an important clinical implication. The major message related to Meigs' syndrome is that abdominal tumor, ascites, and pleural effusion - symptoms strongly suggesting. Background: Meigs syndrome is defined as the triad of benign ovarian tumor with ascites and pleural effusion that resolves after resection of the tumor.The ovarian tumor in Meigs syndrome is a fibroma. In 1934, Salmon described the association of pleural effusion with benign pelvic tumors Pseudo-pseudo Meigs' syndrome (PPMS) is a newly emerging manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), characterized by the presence of pleural effusion, ascites and raised CA-125 levels . It has been described mostly in patients without a known prior diagnosis of SLE and often presents with painless, gradual onset, mild to moderate ascites

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  1. Meigs' Syndrome - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis. Most symptoms of Meigs' syndrome are associated with ascites and pleural effusion, but when the condition occurs after menopause.
  2. Meigs syndrome is defined as the triad of benign ovarian tumor with ascites and pleural effusion that resolves after resection of the tumor. Ovarian fibromas constitute the majority of the benign tumors seen in Meigs syndrome
  3. Meigs syndrome is a rare syndrome with unclear pathophysiology. The presence of mass in overy, ascites, and pleural effusion are usually identified as malignancy. Moreover, an elevated level of serum CA125 with ovarian mass in postmenopausal female also suggested as a malignancy. Serum CA125 is considered as a biomarker for ovarian tumors
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  5. Fibroma of the ovary with ascites and hydrothorax; Meigs' syndrome Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1954 May;67(5):962-85. doi: 10.1016/0002-9378(54)90258-6

Meigs syndrome is a rare condition and is very uncommon before the age of 40 [5]. It becomes more frequent with age although some studies report teratomas and cystadenomas in prepubertal girls. The incidence of ovarian tumors is more elevated in women with higher socioeconomic status. It increases in the third decade of life and keeps on progressively increasing after menopause, with an. 1. Gambaran MRI Meigs Syndrome 2. Gambaran CT Scan Meigs Syndrome. 3. Hitung Darah Lengkap Pemeriksaan ini akan memberikan informasi tentang hemoglobin, hematokrit, dan kadar trombosit. Jumlah hemoglobin yang rendah akan memerlukan pemeriksaan lebih lanjut, termasuk jumlah retikulosit, kapasitas iron-bindingtotal, kadar besi dan kadar feritin The medical treatment of individuals with Meigs syndrome is mostly intentional to offer relief that symptomatic of pleural effusion and ascites by means of therapeutic paracentesis which is a needle drainage procedure for the peritoneal cavity, and thoracentesis which is an invasive procedure to remove fluid or air from the pleural space.. Pseudo-Meigs' syndrome (a term given by Meigs) is the same as true Meigs' syndrome, except that in the pseudo-Meig's syndrome the tumor may be in the ovary, tubes, uterus or round ligament. The first report of this condition involved Dame Mary Page, wife of Sir Gregory Page, Bunhill Fields, England, who died in 1728, in her 56th year Meigs' syndrome is classically defined as the triad of ascites, pleural effusion, and benign ovarian fibroma. A key feature found in patients with Meigs' syndrome is the resolution of symptoms after tumor resection [1]. Meigs' syndrome is a rare condition that can only be diagnosed after ovarian carcinoma is ruled out

Pseudo Meigs syndrome refers to a clinical syndrome of pleural effusion, ascites associated with an ovarian tumor that is not a fibroma or a fibroma-like tumor.. Pathology. Entities that have been reported to result in pseudo Meigs syndrome include. Krukenberg tumors. colon carcinoma metastases to ovary 4; struma ovarii tumor 8-9; uterine leiomyosarcoma: rare. In Meigs' syndrome, the elevation of serum CA 125 levels may result from mesothelial expression rather than tumor expression of that tumor marker. The presence of ascites is a major factor contributing to mesothelial expression of CA 125, and expression level is correlated with ascites volume Meigs syndrome: Meigs syndrome is defined as the triad of benign ovarian tumor with ascites and pleural effusion that resolves after resection of the tumor. The ovarian tumor in Meigs syndrome is a fibroma. Pseudo-Meigs syndrome consists of pleural effusion, ascites, and benign tumors of the ovary other than fibromas

Background: The Meigs' syndrome is a rare but well-known syndrome defined as the triad of benign solid ovarian tumor, ascites, and pleural effusion. Meigs' syndrome always requires surgical treatment Meigs syndrome is the constellation of ascites, ovarian fibroma and right pleural effusion. Mnemonic FAR: Fibroma. Ascites. Right pleural effusion Pseudo-Meigs' syndrome is defined as malignant ovarian tumor leading to ascites or/and pleural effusion, whereas Meigs' syndrome is a triad of ascites, pleural effusion, and benign ovarian tumor. The removal of an underlying tumor leads to rapid improvement in patient symptoms in both conditions. It is a rare phenomenon, and only 1% of ovarian tumors account for Meigs' syndrome Meigs syndrome (also known as Meigs-Cass syndrome) is defined as the triad of ascites, pleural effusion, and benign ovarian tumor. Meigs syndrome was first discovered by Otto von Spiegelberg, a German gynecologist, in 1866. There is no classification system established for Meigs syndrome A 50-year-old woman was admitted because of abdominal fullness due to bilateral ovarian tumors, pleural effusion, and ascites associated with breast cancer. Although chemotherapy and the removal of ascites were performed periodically, the ascites did not disappear. The cytology of the ascites did not indicate malignancy. Pseudo-Meigs' syndrome caused by metastasis to both ovarian tumors was.

The case presented is consistent with the phenomenon known as Pseudo-Pseudo Meigs Syndrome (PPMS). In it, we describe a young woman with newly diagnosed Systemic Lupus Erythematosus presenting with ascites, pleural effusions, and an elevated CA-125 level. Although rare, and of uncertain etiology, PPMS is becoming increasingly recognized in the literature Meigs' syndrome is a rare condition defined by the presence of a benign ovarian fibroma (or a fibroma-like tumor) with ascites and pleural effusion that resolve spontaneously after removal of the tumor. 12 When the ovary tumor is other than fibromas, like in our case, it is called pseudo-Meigs' syndrome. Serous cystadenomas are common. It was coined as Meigs' syndrome in 1937 by Rhodes and Terrell. Eventually, several authors reported similar cases, and Meigs syndrome became a distinct entity. Meigs eventually redefined the syndrome in 1954. This syndrome is sometimes called Demons-Meigs syndrome after Demons who described a similar presentation before Meigs Meigs syndrome presents as a triad of ascites, pleural effusion and benign ovarian tumor. The ovarian tumor can be in the form of fibroma, Brenner tumour or granulosa cell tumour This syndrome has been described 50 years before by DEMONS as the association of a woman's benign genital tumor with thoracic and/or abdominal effusion without cancerous cells. When the genital tumor is a fibroma or a fibrothecoma or a granulosa cells tumor,and only in these cases,it is a DEMONS-MEIGS'syndrome.So DEMONS syndrome includes the.

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Meigs syndrome presenting with axillary vein thrombosis and lymphadenopathy: a case report. Meig's syndrome: a cause of diagnostic dilemma Differential diagnosis in a patient with initial presentation such as ours could be either primary peritoneal carcinomatosis, metastasis from malignant or benign ovarian tumor ( Meigs syndrome ) in a female. Meigs syndrome. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English Etymology . Named after Joe Vincent Meigs (1892-1963), American obstetrician and gynecologist. Noun . Meigs syndrome (uncountable) English Wikipedia has an article on Meigs Syndrome. INTRODUCTION. Background: Meigs syndrome is defined as the triad of benign ovarian tumor with ascites and pleural effusion that resolves after resection of the tumor. The ovarian tumor in Meigs syndrome is a fibroma. In 1934, Salmon described the association of pleural effusion with benign pelvic tumors Meigs syndrome. An accumulation of fluid in the abdomen ( ASCITES) or in the space between the lungs and the chest wall ( PLEURAL EFFUSION) associated with a FIBROMA or other tumour of an ovary. The condition is being treated with BOTULINUM TOXIN. (Joe Vincent Meigs, 1892-1963, American gynaecologist) Meigs's syndrome. Pseudo-Meigs's syndrome is defined as a syndrome of abdominal tumours, pleural effusions and ascites.1 Untreated pseudo-Meigs's syndrome can cause sudden death.2 Although malignant disease may be suspected when these symptoms are present, it is important not to exclude curative treatment. Learning point

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The Wertheim-Meigs operation is used to treat stage IA2, IB1, IB2 and IIA cervical cancers, stage II adenocarcinomas of the endometrium, upper vaginal carcinomas, uterine or cervical sarcomas, and other rare malignancies confined to the area of the cervix, uterus, and/or upper vagina Tác giả: Robert S Rosenson, MD Tổng biên: Mason W Freeman, MD Bernard J Gersh, MB, ChB, DPhil, FRCP 2909 résultats . hépatite stéatosique non alcoolique l.f.. non alcoholic steato hepatitis (NASH). Atteinte hépatique, en lien avec le syndrome métabolique et en particulier l'insulinorésistance dont les lésions varient de la stéatose optiquement isolée, de bon pronostic, à l'hépatite stéatosique non alcoolique de pronostic réservé, voire à la cirrhose et au carcinome. Summary. Polycythemia vera (PV) is a chronic myeloproliferative neoplasm that is characterized by an erythropoietin-independent, irreversible increase in erythrocyte, granulocyte, and platelet counts.The elevated blood cell mass results in hyperviscosity, which is associated with slow blood flow and an increased risk of thrombosis.The disorder typically initially has a long asymptomatic period. By iwiki 2021 年 5 月 26 日 2021 年 5 月 26 日 fluoxetine停藥, medical prescription中文, citalopram中文, 仕隆眼藥水針眼, Serotonin syndrome, medical中文, 仕隆眼藥水抗生素, Serotonin syndrome ICD 10, Prescription, Citalopram Cipram, 視益眼藥水價格, 台灣 生 技 公司 名單, 氟西汀正常人吃了會.

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Pseudo-Meigs’ syndrome due to ovarian metastases fromPrecise preoperative diagnosis of struma ovarii withA case of Meigs’ syndrome with preceding pericardialPseudo-Meigs syndrome secondary to ovarian germ cell tumor(PDF) Meigs’ Syndrome and Pseudo-Meigs’ Syndrome: Report(PDF) Pseudo-Meigs' Syndrome Caused by a Krukenberg Tumour
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